Fulfillment & Distribution

Fulfillment & Distribution

Due to their complexity, effective fulfillment projects require a high level of customization. Data Ad specializes in full turn-key design of fulfillment systems required to make these initiatives a success.

Data Ad’s facilities allow for various forms of warehousing, with both long and short term solutions for your project’s needs. Vault storage is also available for high value items, such as gift cards, coupons, etc.

By applying custom programming to each fulfillment program’s structure, Data Ad ensures the highest level of service to its clients over the duration of the program. From inventory to distribution, programming is the foundation that all else will depend on.

Order Management
Responsiveness and turnaround time are vital to the success of any fulfilment program. Through our automated systems, Data Ad can fulfill in-stock orders instantly. Our representatives are always available for order inquiries by phone or email, virtually eliminating any burden on our clients.

Print, warehouse, fulfill and distribute, all under one roof.