Multichannel Execution

of your communication programs for maximum results.

our services

Data Ad has access to the most up-to-date lists of healthcare professional in Canada. Their expertise and experience in healthcare marketing ensures that the right audience is researched and targeted for your specific project.
Direct mail is an effective and persuasive form of communication that helps engage your audience in a tactile and visual manner. Data Ad’s experience in direct mail is second to none. We’ll handle every aspect of your mail campaign right up to the delivery to the Post Office and ensure that you always pay the lowest rates available.
Broadcasting personalized messages online via email blasts or via fax (yes fax!) can still be an effective and cost efficient vehicle by which to reach your target audience as part of a multi channel marketing program, or on its own. We can broadcast from both our clients’ lists or provide one for our clients for a given application.
Leveraging the by-phone communication channel via our Call Center can be an effective way to bolster response, participation or simply awareness for your next communication campaign. This channel can be especially useful to communicate with your most important segment of contacts, opening a two-way dialogue to your brand.
At the core of every successful direct marketing program is a well-designed and maintained database. Data Ad ensures that our clients have a solid foundation from which to build their communication plans.
Data Ad provides state-of-the-art printing, allowing you to customize your material and effectively speak to each customer directly, maximizing response rates, and lowering production costs. In today’s digital age, personalized mail still remains a strong and powerful tactile communication tool. Data Ad offers complete direct communication services to their clients.
Due to their complexity, effective fulfillment projects require a high level of customization. Data Ad specializes in full turn-key design of fulfillment systems required to make these initiatives a success.

Our History

Located in Montreal, Data Ad has been providing marketers and organizations of all types with exceptional direct communication services for over 40 years. In combining state-of-the –art software, advanced equipment and an unsurpassed level of personal involvement, Data Ad has helped in various industries marketers around the world turn their most ambitious projects into effective and efficient campaigns.